Communication courses to give your team personal impact and influence.

Communication Training

Our communications courses are organised as small group coaching sessions. This offers a personalised experience to our delegates, with the opportunity to practice and perfect the techniques taught during the training. 

The training is structured to develop the core techniques for impactful and engaging communications, whether you are presenting to a small or large audience.

Assignments are set throughout the training and delegates have their own workbook to personalise and embed their learning.

We recommended groups of four people with one trainer. This allows time for everyone to benefit from personalised coaching. Here you will practice embedding our techniques into your personal business scenarios. These courses take place over one or two full days at your office location. 

We can combine the live training sessions with our eLearning platform to continue the training and provide re-caps on the key techniques after the sessions. 

Communication Coaching

The Dynamic Presenter

Increase your personal influence and impact, through advanced body language and voice techniques. Learn to inspire and become an engaging communicator in key meetings, pitches & presentations.

The Science of Storytelling

Discover how to focus your ideas and content with the most highly proven system in the world for building a story and persuasion. Learn how to use storytelling to structure and bring to life your message/ presentation to motivate your audience to take action.

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Conflict Resolution

Learn how to effectively build empathy, respect, and rapport while moving towards a resolution. Understand the logic & emotion leading towards the current conflict & therefore be able to overcome the obstacles together to have a greater sense of collaboration.

Sales Training

This training is designed to help your team win more business, create stronger relationships with clients, and get the results they deserve from important meetings. Discover techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the people you meet and how they make their decisions. Be guided on how to build deeper rapport and tailor what you say based on what your audience needs from you.

Skills Training

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Bid Preparation

The bid team assigned to a major contract is important. Prepare for an upcoming pitch with training on self-awareness, confidence & skills to succeed in bid presentations & behavioural assessments.

We support the bid with CV writing, to ensure the project team’s CVs resonate with clients’ values, bid win themes and draw out clear examples of when the desired behaviours have been demonstrated.

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Media Skills

Led by our communication specialists with extensive radio and TV broadcasting backgrounds, the objective is to provide training for senior leaders and managers, focusing on media interviews, press conferences and public speaking.

These skills can also be applied to conferences, networking and everyday working situations.

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Team Dynamics - MBTi

Whatever your position in business, one of your base strengths is your depth of self-awareness and awareness of how others operate.

Designed and run by MBTi accredited coaches, the objectives of the sessions are to develop thinking skills and emotional intelligence, help with improving and changing culture, reduce stress through self-understanding and ultimately strengthen business relationships. 

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Scientific Communication for Pharmaceutical Teams

Understand how to increase your insight gathering while improving the relationship you have with your HCP. 

Gain a deeper understanding of what they need from you and gain helpful insights to move forwards, and be seen as a professional and respected scientific adviser. 

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