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CEOs, leaders, managers and sales teams across a host of international organisations have gained an edge thanks to our advanced communications training.

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Important meetings, pitches, speeches or conference addresses… Most people are competent. But to make an impact – to win hearts and minds, gain trust and respect, resolve conflict, change behaviour or motivate people to act – you need to be exceptional. 

From individuals to international brands, we have helped C-suite personnel, team leaders, department heads, sales executives, managers and trainers achieve more positive results with clients, colleagues, prospects and stakeholders. 

Our 100+ corporate clients include many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as the London Business School and the UK Parliament. We have worked with 15 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies globally. In total, we have trained over 120,000 people from 46 countries across Europe, America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. And you can join them.

Key sectors

Body Talk’s techniques work with any audience, from any industry or cultural background. We work with companies across a wide variety of sectors including the following:

When you and your team are looking to win financial investment, forge new partnerships or negotiate deal terms, the way you convey your ideas, energy and expertise will have a direct impact on your success.

Body Talk will help you take an acute approach to communication and persuasion in your meetings, pitches and presentations, so your audience is not only convinced by the facts, but also by your confidence in delivery.

And in your ongoing relationships with investors and stakeholders, your communication style will be able to maintain the trust and credibility you need to ensure strong future collaboration.

With years of experience helping our pharmaceutical clients engage and connect with key opinion leaders and healthcare practitioners, we can help you and your teams understand how to increase your insight gathering while improving your business relationships to be seen as a trusted scientific adviser.

Our training shows you how to take complex, technical information and translate it into a concise, engaging and – most importantly – memorable narrative that effectively connects data with critical outcomes.

Through effective questioning and listening skills, you’ll also discover how to build trust and gain a deeper understanding of the motives and drivers of the people you meet, so that your ongoing exchanges are tailored to meet their needs and expectations.

Whether you need support with internal relationships between teams/stakeholders, guidance through periods of change or helping buyers and supply chains with difficult conversations and conflict resolution, we have training solutions which can help your teams be more influential, improve their relationships and deliver winning bids.

We also love to help people increase their confidence and communication skills in customer-facing roles.

A recent project has seen us work closely with a major supermarket chain to help them communicate their internal strategy across the UK to create a more open and supportive working environment.

Helping future business stars on the MBA and EMBA courses excel in communications.

We have helped thousands of students across the world’s top business schools develop their presentation and communication skills to prepare them for future pitches and bids. With a special focus on storytelling and influence, our group training helps them bring their vision to life and understand how to connect with different audiences. We also have training options for leadership skills and how to build strong business relationships.

We understand the challenges faced by marketers having worked with more than 30 marketing agencies, including larger firms and specialist boutique agencies. We have also coached in-house marketing teams.

We help agencies pitch for new business, stand out in ‘chemistry meetings’, upsell to current clients and manage client expectations in challenging meetings. Some of our marketing clients have also asked to improve their gravitas and authority when influencing people who are senior to them, so that they can positively persuade people and achieve their goals.

We ensure agencies stand out from their competitors and effectively explain their “raison d’être” to prospective and existing clients. With storytelling and impactful delivery, we work with teams to express their creative ideas and business strategies, telling their story in a way that engages and influences prospective clients. 

Engaging and inspiring your audience when presenting technical and complex information is challenging. We’ve partnered with a number of businesses in the engineering and aerospace industries with a particular focus on helping them translate the data and complexity of their business to clearly communicate to their clients and stakeholders. We have a number of strategies and techniques that we employ with a specific goal of bringing to life technical information.

We like to make a systemic impact on our clients to shift their way of communicating to make notable improvements across the company. We are working with one client to support their Graduate on-boarding programme with some core communications skills to set them up for success, at the same time as working with their Senior Leadership team to prepare then for an significant upcoming industry conference, as well as teams across the business who continue to face communication challenges both internally and externally.

We have had the pleasure of working with a number of the household names to elevate their teams’ communication skills. Whether that’s to improve internal communications so the company functions more effectively, or helping to tell the company’s story in an engaging way to new clients. 

Even the best communicators have opportunities to improve and we find this time and time again when we work with the most Senior Executives at Global corporations. Even the most proficient presenters, or Sales Leaders, tell us how they’ve valued our training and “wish they had done this 20 years ago”.

Richard Newman

“It doesn’t matter how intelligent or hard working you are – if you can’t communicate effectively, you will never reach your full potential.”

Richard Newman, Body Talk Founder

Meet the team

Body Talk is a team of skilled professionals, combining top-level experience in television, stage, film and the media with advanced techniques in body language, voice delivery, stage presence and storytelling.

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