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Suit The Action To The Word, The Word To The Action: The Power of Gestures in the Virtual World
Some of the best speakers make presenting appear effortless — but that’s only half the story.
How to Improve Your Online Conversations
Some of the best speakers make presenting appear effortless — but that’s only half the story.
Born To Speak Podcast 2 – Paul Ekman
Paul Ekman is one of the world's greatest experts on body language, emotion and psychology. In this conversation we discuss the importance of body language, moods, his friendship with the Dalai Lama and his most important research on communication.
Born To Speak Podcast 1 – Robert McKee
I’m delighted to launch the podcast by interviewing a living legend – Robert McKee. He has been teaching storytelling for decades and his students have won over 60 Academy Awards, 200 Emmys and 150 Golden Globes for their storytelling skills.
How To Win An Election – From Washington DC
Discover how elections are influenced by the communication styles of the candidates, including the huge difference between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush.
One year At Body Talk
See the range of events and adventures we have in just one year at Body Talk.
The Influence Study
Look behind-the-scenes at how we created one of the largest studies ever done on leadership and influence.
Sleepless Before Presentations?
Perform at your best with these 3 simple strategies to make you feel calm, confident and in control.
Make Messages Memorable
What do you want people to remember after your meeting? How do you make the core message stand out?
How To Get People To Listen To Your Ideas
Do you struggle to win people's attention and respect when you speak? This simple technique will increase their attention and help you gain the respect your ideas deserve.
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