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Paved with Good Intentions – Three Tips for Keeping Your Resolutions on Track
How can we stick to our new year’s resolutions and achieve our objectives? For anyone who’s felt the slow puncture of apathy deflating their resolve, here are three tips for keeping your resolutions on track.
Research Shows We’re Less Confident in Communicating since the Pandemic
In January 2023, Body Talk worked with market research consultants Censuswide to survey more than 2000 employees across the UK to find out how the pandemic affected people’s communication skills. Our research found that confidence levels across all ages, genders and sectors have dropped since the pandemic began. Read more of our findings in this blog.
The LIFT Podcast – Get Rid of Writers Block and Accelerate Your Writing
In this episode of the LIFT podcast, book medium, founder of Freedom House Publishing, and author of six books, Keira Brinton talks to Richard about how to deal with writer’s block and accelerate your writing.
It’s Always Personal: Why Relationships Matter in Business 
The phrase ‘it’s not personal, it's just business’ is often used as a justification for decisions that might not be popular or well-received. But the truth is when you’re dealing with people, it will always be personal. So if it is personal, how can we make sure we are building the best relationships even with people we wouldn't normally connect with outside of work?
The Body Talk Podcast – How To Nail Your Next Interview or Salary Negotation
In this episode of the Body Talk podcast, Alina chats to CEO Don Gatewood about how to nail your job interview or salary negotiation, staying resilient through challenging times, and also his experience as a distinguished toastmaster.
In Focus: 2023 Training Trends
What business training trends can we expect to see in 2023? Here are four areas that we expect to be popular in the coming twelve months.
Business Lessons from Christmas Movies
Christmas movies have been a staple of the festive season for generations, and they can do more than just entertain you. Watching your favourite Christmas films can help you hone your business skills too. Here are six of our favourites and the quick lessons we can take away from them.
The LIFT Podcast – The Definition of Happiness
In this episode of the LIFT podcast, legendary sports executive David Meltzer chats to Richard about his thoughts on the definition of happiness and how we can empower ourselves and others to achieve it.
Peak Performance Mindset – What You Need To Perform At Your Best
From challenging your thoughts to visualisation there are a number of strategies to help rewire our brains for positivity. Discover five ways you can try to help reshape your thinking and build a peak performance mindset.
The LIFT Podcast – How To Be A Thought Leader In The Digital Age
In this latest episode of the LIFT podcast, Shama Hyder shares her principles for building a compelling personal brand and finding your role as a thought leader in the digital landscape.
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