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Four Ways To Improve Your Presentation Skills
Many of us feel awkward or nervous when giving a presentation. But presenting is something that anyone can get better at with practice. Here are four ways you can improve your presentation skills right now.
Welcome To Your Body Talk Virtual Training
Discover more about Body Talk and your upcoming communication virtual training.
How To Create Brilliant Technical Presentations
Are you struggling to make your data come alive? Do you feel your audience drifting off once you start talking? Here are 5 ways to make your technical information more engaging.
The Body Talk Podcast – How To Have Better Hybrid Meetings
In this latest podcast from Body Talk, Alina talks to Dr Nicola Millard, Principal Innovation Partner at BT. We discuss how to work effectively in a hybrid world and keep that crucial social connection in a semi-remote environment.
The Body Talk Podcast – How To Be More Assertive
How easy is it to be more assertive? Katy Lewis talks through techniques to help anyone be more self-assured and decisive.
5 Ways To Make Virtual Meetings Better For Your Team
Online meetings can be awkward, fraught with technological problems and distracting in many ways that face-to-face meetings aren’t. As a result, staff can become frustrated, bored, and less engaged with your message. How can you make virtual meetings better so that your team stays positive, engaged and motivated?
The Body Talk Podcast – Improve Your Body Language And Communication Skills
CEO of Body Talk, Richard Newman, explains how he overcame his early struggles with confidence to become an award-winning expert in Leadership Communication, Storytelling and Body Language.
How To Look And Feel More Confident (Even If You’re Not)
How do you look and feel more confident even if you're not? From mindset to body language, here are some tips to help you feel calm and in control.
The Body Talk Podcast – How To Approach Conflict Resolution In Business
Leading hostage negotiators Chris White and Martin Richards share their strategies for dealing with conflict and crisis management.
Three Ways To Keep Your Audience Engaged In Virtual Meetings
Are your virtual meetings and online presentations lacking engagement? Here are some simple tips to turn you into a virtual presenting pro!
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