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Working, speaking and acting together – so everyone is empowered

Body Talk is a friendly, highly supportive environment where everyone is dedicated to the same mission: to deliver exceptional training, inspire clients and change lives.


Driven by a vibrant mindset that energises our team and our clients

Good energy and a positive outlook are infectious. We are all experienced professionals, and what unites us is the desire to create a vibrant, supportive workplace where we devise and deliver empowering learning experiences.

Every client, every team member and every technique we teach is hugely important to us. Our extraordinary people – each specialists in their own right – genuinely care about and support each other and every individual we coach. Which makes for a lot of fun, as well as high-energy, high-impact, high-value training at team courses, mastermind classes, conference sessions and executive coaching. We’re here to pass it on.

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It doesn’t matter how intelligent or hard working you are – if you can’t communicate effectively, you will never reach your full potential.

Richard Newman

Why Body Talk

Individually expert. All trained to the same exceptional standards.

When a new member joins our team, they bring a tremendous amount of experience with them from their particular practice area. Be this from the world of television, theatre, public speaking or the media, our team possesses a huge wealth of knowledge and insights that informs all our training and further enables us to support our clients. 

Whatever their previous track record, new team members are also extensively trained over a period of twelve months to ensure they are fully prepared and full of confidence to teach the Body Talk methodology across the world.

Meet the whole team

Body Talk is a team of expert professionals. Every trainer combines a wealth of top-level experience in television, film and stage with the techniques perfected in the Body Talk Way to deliver tangible transformations for key personnel at world-leading enterprises. All backed up by an expert support team.

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Lindsay Walker

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