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Richard Newman’s latest book documents vital communication techniques that can dramatically move the needle for business leaders, both personally and professionally.

Groundbreaking communication techniques to help professionals increase their impact and influence

Do you want to boost your success and well-being, while finding greater fulfilment and purpose in your life and work? Do you want to increase your influence and connection with people, and also enjoy a more meaningful life? You can achieve this, and so much more, through the power of Lift.

Lift Your Impact will provide you with a simple, practical approach that allows you to remove the challenges holding you back from success and build the future you truly desire.

“Richard delivers transformational change in how people communicate. It is incredible to observe.”

Di MacDonald, former Head of Learning at Apple and L’Oreal

Richard Newman: the Author’s story

The driving force behind Body Talk, Richard leads a team of world-class trainers, travelling the globe to present high-engagement, high-impact conference sessions.

Through clarity, energy and precision, he delivers the inspiration, motivation and real, hard skills that can transform teams, empower leaders and grow businesses – all backed by the science of communication.

The insight I personally gained from those two days fundamentally lifted my own behaviour, and I’ve been a committed advocate ever since.

Marcus Davidson, Senior Talent Enablement Architect, Mimecast

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