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Become a strong, confident and respectful communicator

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Solutions you'll gain

  1. The right balance for communication that inspires confidence and respect
  2. Team leaders and managers with a personal toolkit for for increased presence, authority, and persuasion
  3. Skills to turn objections into opportunities to increase rapport, collaboration and innovation
  4. Greater communication, motivation and action being taken after meetings, all focused on business goals

Skills you'll learn

  • Hero and Mentor
  • Body Language
  • Vocal Impact
  • Anchoring, Transference & Timelines
  • Objection Handling
Hero (2)
Hero (2)

Impact & Influence

  • users–black 4 - 16 delegates
  • calendar 1-2 days duration
  • users-class 1:4 tutor ratio
  • language English, French, German
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Introduction to Impact & Influence

It can be a challenge to strike the right tone to appear authoritative without being overbearing. Speaking with impact and influence is a learned behaviour, and mastering it requires understanding the middle ground between being aggressive (hostile or domineering) and passive (not assertive enough).

Body Talk

“These strategies transformed the way our team communicates, accelerating our progress and increasing our success. Richard and his team have a rare skill for teaching powerful techniques in a dynamic way and delivering real-world results.”

Nick Bonney, former Head of Insights, Camelot and EE

Training overview

In this training, attendees will learn how to communicate in a direct and honest manner, while being respectful of their audience – be that a room full of people or just one individual. 

We’ll reveal a range of simple but efficient practical techniques to use in everyday situations, allowing you to gain a dynamic and persuasive communication style, thus boosting your results for your most important meetings and presentations. 

With further advice on adopting assertive body language and how to act with confidence, this training in influence and impact is perfect for leaders, managers and heads of departments who want to lead with authority without losing empathy and rapport. Learn communication strategies that will bring to life everything you say with gravitas, authority and impact. 

Module 1

Hero and Mentor

Learn how to be the mentor in your business communications and guide your audience away from their current challenges and towards a better future. We’ll examine the roles of heroes and mentors in films, and also look at examples from TED Talks to see what we can transfer to a business/presentation context.

Module 2

Body Language

Develop your presence, authority and persuasion skills by learning the six key body language techniques used by great communicators. Then learn how to apply them to achieve maximum impact and influence in your meetings, pitches and presentations.

Module 3

Vocal Impact

Bring your voice to life. Learn advanced techniques used by actors, newsreaders and great public speakers to engage, convince and speak with authority, as well as how techniques vary for online and in-person scenarios.

Module 4

Anchoring, Transference & Timelines

Explore the psychology of influence and the core techniques used by global advertising companies. Learn how to harness these tools in your meetings and messages to achieve maximum impact and influence.

Module 5

Objection Handling

Discover the ECPC principles for objection handling and having more meaningful conversations. Learn how to handle questions and objections so that you build relationships, rapport and respect – both for your ideas and your team. Make your colleagues feel valued through stronger, more reciprocal relationships.

Training methods

Body Talk’s advanced skills training is available a number of formats. Our expert team will work with you to establish the best approach for your team’s needs.

Team Training Virtual Training
Duration 1-2 days 2x 3-hours
Ways to learn In Person Virtual
Tutor ratio 1:4 1:4

Looking for something bespoke?

Our team can tailor multiple training courses to suit your unique objectives.

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Meet your coaches

Communication specialists drawing from a wealth of techniques and experience in broadcasting, journalism, national television and theatre.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any questions? We’re here to help

Can I customise my training to include multiple courses?

We are happy to build a training solution that fits your time, budget, and goals.

How do I prepare for a training session?

Our Client Services team will liaise with you to ensure all the timings, logistics and room/tech requirements are agreed ahead of the event. We also ask all delegates to complete a short questionnaire to help us understand individual challenges and goals. For some of our courses, we’ll ask you to bring a short presentation to work on. Otherwise, we just ask you to come with an open mind and be willing to learn.

What happens after I complete a training session?

We provide detailed workbooks for the training and encourage delegates to fill them in and refer to their notes regularly after the session. We also have a suite of blogs, podcasts and videos to support the learning.

What is included in with On-Demand training?

You’ll have access to your training instantly, anywhere in the world, at any time for a 3-month period, along with a digital PDF workbook to download. We also include an audiobook with 7 hours of additional content to deepen your learning.

What is the difference between one, two and three-day courses?

Simply, additional modules and learning plus more coaching time. We understand that time and budget are sometimes limited, so we offer one-day courses to provide a valuable foundation. Adding on additional days allows you to dive deeper into communication and presentation skills through advanced body language and managing difficult conversations to questioning, listening, and peak performance mindset. We are happy to tailor the training to meet your budget, time and goals.

What is the ratio of trainers to learners?

This depends on the type of training you’re looking at. For group training, our ratio is typically one trainer to four delegates; this allows for plenty of individual coaching and feedback. Our masterclasses are generally hosted by one presenter and up to 100 people.

Case Study

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Case Study "Body Talk really takes time to understand your business challenges. The training exceeded my expectations” Sarah, StrategiQ

Become a strong, confident and respectful communicator

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