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Body Talk is a group of exceptional individuals – each with acute insights and in-depth professional experience – all working together to deliver game-changing transformations for clients and their businesses.

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Richard Newman Body Talk Conference

Three key elements drive Body Talk.

We bring together the right people, teach clients using a precise process and ignite every training session with our passion to create incredible results.


Giving you the tools to succeed

On the surface, it’s about gravitas, presence and influence. Deep down, transforming the way you communicate will change not only your business relationships, but also your life. Learn how to use your head, heart and hands to maintain attention, convey your ideas memorably and motivate people towards the outcomes you want to achieve.

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It doesn’t matter how intelligent or hard working you are – if you can’t communicate effectively, you will never reach your full potential.

Richard Newman

Great communication crosses borders

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    We have trained over 120,000 people from 46 different countries across Europe, America, Australia, Asia and the Middle East.
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    Our 100+ corporate clients include many FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies, as well as the London Business School and the UK Parliament.

“Richard delivers transformational change in how people communicate. It is incredible to observe.”

Di MacDonald, former Head of Learning at Apple and L’Oreal

Why Body Talk

The skills and experience to match your ambition

Body Talk is a team of expert professionals. Every trainer combines a wealth of top-level experience in broadcasting, journalism, national television and theatre with the techniques perfected in the Body Talk Way to deliver tangible transformations for key personnel at world-leading enterprises. All backed up by an exceptional support team.

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The founder’s story

Learn how Richard Newman’s experience teaching English to Tibetan monks led to him gaining an incredible reputation as a communication trainer and creating an international business.

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