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Personal coaching offers completely tailored training for individuals in management positions looking to further develop and finesse their communications. We often work with individuals in preparation for important pitches, meetings, speeches, or conferences. The individual will gain practical skills that can be applied to all other communications going forwards, elevating their communications for the rest of their careers.

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Executive personal training

Results driven by high-value techniques, backed up by scientific research

Personal coaching allows clients to receive an unparalleled level of attention, with tailored training, feedback and advice at every stage of the process. We’ll adapt our sessions to focus on your personal development, so you bring out the best version of yourself.

Choose from three kinds of one-to-one coaching, each delivered by accredited coaches with top level experience in psychology, broadcasting, communication and performance:


  1. Build confidence quickly and leverage your existing strengths
  2. Expert preparation for upcoming speeches, presentations and events
  3. Tailored sessions to focus on individual needs and goals
  4. Develop stronger, more trusting relationships with your team
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  • In-person
  • Virtual

Coaching for Executives is a relationship between a professional coach and an individual or group of motivated, achievement-oriented clients. This partnership aims to inspire and support the client in reaching their full potential.

Coaching guide and support executives, helping them identify and achieve their personal and professional goals. Through executive coaching, executives can improve performance, increase job satisfaction, make more effective decisions, build confidence, foster better relationships with colleagues and other stakeholders, reduce stress levels, enhance communication skills, become more motivated and create a balance between life and work.

The sessions are tailored to each individual’s unique skill set and circumstances, and hinges on a close connection between coach and client. Coaches offer an outside perspective on the challenges individuals or groups face and act as a sounding board for reflection. They help people see themselves more clearly – both their strengths AND weaknesses – while also helping to create development plans for people to reach their objectives. Coaching is invaluable for leaders looking to maximise their potential.

  • In-person
  • Virtual

This is aimed at anyone in business who wants to work on their confidence, communication skills and mindset. Personal coaching is ideal for someone who’s experienced the impact of our group training and would like to get individual support on specific elements in our courses. It’s also popular with people wanting targeted help and support for upcoming promotions, interviews or board meetings.

We cover anything from storytelling and message structure to mindset and personal impact, and can also help you to handle difficult conversations and team dynamics.

  • In-person
  • Virtual

Helping individuals enhance their impact and influence when delivering keynote speeches, conferences talks, presentations at ceremonies and more – on large stages or to camera. We’ll work with you on message structure, visual aids, body language and mindset, but also the technical aspect of presenting on stage or to camera. You’ll generally receive two or three targeted training sessions ahead of the event, with a coach also available to support you on the day if needed.

Case study

Learn how we helped Reed to improve their audience buy-in and to have more gravitas in their communications.

Core skills we can support you with in Executive Personal Coaching

Decades of experience has shown us how core communication skills fall into six key areas. Training is available in a number of formats – from large group masterclasses to two-day courses or one-on-one personal sessions – whichever best suits your objectives.

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If you want to empower yourself and your teams to become more confident, engaging and inspiring, we can help – at your headquarters or online, wherever you are in the world.

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