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Online Body Language Course

We understand that in a digital world – where teams work remotely and flexibly from anywhere at any time, that physical attendance at a training workshop can sometimes be difficult. Body Talk is excellently equipped to support you and your team with our superb online learning experience. You can select a popular package or we can create a bespoke experience for you to match your specific learning needs.

Our expert online training includes:

Videos that demonstrate successful communication skills, including delivery, storytelling and objection handling to increase your personal impact and influence (for face-to-face and online communication)

Audio clips that you can listen to on the go

Quiz sections to ensure you are learning the key strategies 

Assignments for you to download and complete

Live webinars with our team, to provide personal feedback and answer any questions as you learn

This online and CPD-accredited learning can create a stand-alone journey through important techniques, or you can integrate this with our face-to-face workshops (before and after we meet) to create a complete learning experience.

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