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Storytelling Made Easy

Storytelling Made Easy

Last year was the 50th anniversary since the death of JFK, as well as the infamous speech given by Martin Luther King Jr. They were both great speakers who knew that the power of story-telling can change the future – putting a man on the moon, or creating racial equality.

This year, what will you do or say to change your community?

The people we meet and work with everyday often say they struggle to tell a good story. Would you like to make your next team update, sales pitch or presentation more captivating?

These three short videos can give you all the inspiration you need to get started:

  1. The Hero’s Journey – we all used to share stories with each other, before televisions came into our lives. Then we spent decades being passive, watching TV, hearing and often believing the stories that advertisers told us. This video shows you the big picture about story-telling, why you need to do it and how to create a great frame-work for a story.
  2. The arc of the story – have you listened to someone tell a story that seemed to go nowhere and trail off? This is an old video, but terrific in its simplicity. All big Hollywood films follow the Cinderella arc he shows here.
  3. Do it like a PRO – if you have the time to watch it, here is the link to my TED talk on story-telling. If you have worked with us before this will be a good twenty minute reminder to the system you know so well. I couldn’t include the full system due to time, but this gives you the starting premise you need.

Can you think of one meeting, team update or case study you need to talk about this month and create a better arc for the story? The listeners will thank you for it and I’m sure you will enjoy telling it more too.

It beats PowerPoint anyway.

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