Use Dynamic Presentation Skills to increase your impact and influence

The Dynamic Presenter – Course Overview

This is one of our most popular courses, including a wide toolkit of skills that are required for dynamic presenting to audiences of all sizes. This course is adapted for every audience, to focus on your specific needs, such as pitching ideas internally, influencing upwards or making data updates more compelling.

Whether you are presenting virtually or face-to-face, this will provide you with a range of skills for all personal and professional situations. 

Increase your confidence in your presentation skills and be able to present with more impact to gain greater reactions for your ideas. Be able to express important business messages that people want to hear. 

Learn our business storytelling method that is easy to apply to presentations, pitches, emails, and documents to have more influence. We look at how to start a business presentation, engage your audience throughout with body language, articulate your message clearly, and finish with impact. Our methodology is all based on science and is proven to make a difference. 

Manage objections with confidence, gain buy-in for your ideas and achieve greater engagement from your audience. Have a tool kit of techniques ready to approach any challenging conversation or tough question to create a win/win resolution and resolve conflict.



Each session builds on the previous, to allow your learning to progress.


Group Size

We have a 4:1 delegate to trainer ratio to ensure time for individual coaching.


A Face to Face course is 2 days.
Virtual Learning Journeys are
3 sessions over 3 weeks.

Topics covered in this course

What will you gain?

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Learn scientifically proven techniques to increase the impact of your communications, and engage your audience in your message. 

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Small group coaching to practice and familiarise yourself with the new techniques.

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Learn from coaching with your peers, as your specialist trainers work with each delegate to guide them through presentation scenarios.

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Create a personal development plan to ensure that you apply the new techniques that you have learned, giving you the best long-term results.

Where this training will help you excel…

Presentations to clients

Sales pitches

Hosting team meetings

Speaking at conferences

Presenting to Senior Stakeholders

Increase confidence speaking to a group 

How is the training structured? 

This can be run as a face to face Course over two full days, with assignments set throughout. Personal coaching will be in groups of 4 people to 1 trainer. 

As a virtual Learning Journey, this is typically 3 sessions over 3 weeks. Group sizes are also 4 to 1. Each sessions builds on the learning of the previous one, with assignments set in-between.

We can combine the live training with our eLearning platform to continue your development and provide re-caps on the key techniques after the sessions. 


Does the training content differ?

For classroom and virtual delivery the content covered is exactly the same, however there is more personal coaching included during the 2 day classroom event.

Both the classroom and virtual events are high energy and interactive to ensure the everyone is engaged throughout. 


Equipment Needed?

There is no equipment needed for the classroom events. All delegates will be provided with a pen and workbook on the first morning which will be used during exercises and for note taking. 

For virtual delivery, delegates will need to download the relevant virtual platform in order to attend the event. An online PDF version of the workbook will be provided to use throughout. 



It was a great confidence boosting course and made me think about my body language and speech in day to day interactions. I think everything was also super useful for presenting to the public where they need to be engaged by 'story telling' formats.
Financial services company
Was a great experience, really participative, Jamie sets up the pace really well and keeps you engage through the session. Considering that I did also the personal impact, it was a another view of the frameworks that really helps to understand everything better and to have a more complete view of a good speech. Insightful, with a lot of personal feedback, and really interactive. + Jamie was a great trainer
UK Business School
The online training platform was the best I have done so far, I really liked the small bitesize videos. The live coaching was very interactive as the groups were small. Emily was so good, really engaging, friendly and professional. Wouldn't change the online content nor the coaching call, it was the best training session I have done!
Leading British Bank

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