Succeed in business with our advanced presentation skills training

Succeed in business with our advanced presentation skills training

Open Course

Open Course is a 2-day in-person training at The Royal Berkshire Hotel in Ascot

29-30th November 2021

Do you want to have more presence, authority and gravitas to deliver a powerful presentation? If you want to influence and persuade every audience and be more inspiring and engaging, we will show you how it’s done on our presentation skills course.

Our flagship course – known as The Dynamic Presenter course, takes place over one or two days. The courses continually gain outstanding feedback and create tremendous long-term results for our clients around the world – including new business wins and a substantial impact on business turnover.

To give you the very best results on our two-day courses we have a 1:4 ratio. This means you will have one specialist trainer working with every four people who attend so that you gain the personal attention and coaching you need to refine your technique and feel fully confident.

Who may benefit from our presentation skills course?

If you want coaching for yourself, or just a few people, you can join one of these open events where you will meet like-minded people and gain the full tool-kit of The Dynamic Presenter course, with lots of personal coaching.

Many people who attend give regular presentations and need to increase their influence, gravitas and have a stronger presence with their team or clients.

If you have just started giving presentations, or if you only present a couple of times per year, you will gain the advantage of learning the very best techniques that ensure you look and feel confident, putting you one step ahead in your career.

What key areas are included in this course?

Advanced communication techniques for influence and persuasion, with examples from actors, presidents and television presenters, that allow you to become a captivating speaker

Compelling scripting and storytelling techniques, that make everything you say more engaging and memorable

Strategies for overcoming challenging questions and objections, to win people around with respect and rapport

Avoid the common mistakes of poor visual aids, by learning how the experts use compelling slides, props and flip-charts to bring everything to life

Practise your new skills in front of an audience, with supportive coaching and feedback, allowing you to build new skills with confidence

Leave feeling inspired and motivated to use everything you have learned in your next presentation, with instant results

A workbook and personal development plan to help you gain lasting success

What will you gain?


Impact & Influence – gain the structure and delivery style you need to persuade people, so that they value your ideas in your most important presentations and meetings.

Outstanding Presentation Skills – advanced skills to give you a new level of confidence to create a powerful impact on large groups – an essential skill to increase your success in business.

Gravitas & Presence – master the key elements of presence that will give you extra authority, to inspire and motivate clients and staff.

Leadership Skills – making anything you say more compelling to win more respect and build stronger relationships.

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Personal Coaching




  • Tailored to your specific needs
  • Book ongoing sessions to continue your learning
  • Learn strategies that are applied to current work goals and challenges
  • Available virtually or in person at any location worldwide

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