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How To Control Your Anxiety Before Giving A Big Presentation
Emotions can seem like an overwhelming force of nature that can stop us from performing at our best in critical moments.
How To Remember Your Speech And The Worst Habits To Avoid
People are often unaware of the issues that are holding them back. If you can overcome these habits you’ll release your full potential to connect with people, inspire them and make your ideas happen.
Your Emotional Armour Is Holding You Back And This Is How You Move Forward
A lot of people think that they are ‘naturally’ a poor speaker. They are too quiet, too timid, too introvert, too nervous to be a public speaker This is nonsense. In fact I believe this negative belief is the greatest barrier holding people back from communicating more effectively, stifling their ideas and damaging their ability to succeed.
The Truth About Non-Verbal Communication
Some people still quote the statistic that says 93% of communication is nonverbal.
How To Stay Relevant In The Age Of AI
Knowledge isn’t power. Almost everything we know is either currently on the internet, or will be soon. If we reach a stage when every person and machine has access to the same information, what will set you apart from the pack?
9 Easy Steps To Take Your Public Speaking From Good To Great
If you care about becoming a better speaker there are many ways to achieve this. You can’t rely just on doing a one-off course, or asking a colleague for help. It’s best to apply a range of methods to give you greatest chance of success.
How To Develop Your Unique Presentation Voice
The tone and vocal quality with which we give our audiences information will greatly impact how much they remember and how they likely they are to act on your ideas.
3 Steps To Highly Effective Business Storytelling
We all love the journey of a story. We remember them. We know exactly what the flow needs to be, what the important steps in the story are.
How To Keep Your Cool During Arguments
If Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev can maintain their composure during their first meeting of The Cold War, then you can stay calm during an argument.
Why Is Nobody Listening To Me? 3 Ways To Engage More People
At some point you will have gone into a presentation or meeting, and felt that no one was listening to you. It’s hard to continue speaking when it seems that people are switching off, disengaged or rejecting your ideas.
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