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Curious Leadership: How To Build Better Business Relationships


The LIFT Podcast – How To Build Better Business Relationships

When we think about the workplace, it’s easy to get bogged down in the day-to-day grind and forget the importance of relationships. But as award-winning attorney Claudia Williams reminds us in the latest LIFT podcast, relationships are the foundation of any successful organization. After all, people don’t want to feel like cogs in a machine–they want to feel like valued members of a team. And that starts with strong, positive relationships between leaders and employees. By creating an environment where people feel heard and respected, leaders can inspire loyalty and trust – and that leads to better performance and results.

In this episode Richard and Claudia discuss:

  • What does it mean to be a Curious Leader?
  • How can we build greater relationships at work?
  • How can leaders build a place where people love to work, in the new world we live in?
  • How do you create a more effective employee performance review?

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More about Claudia:

Claudia Williams spent more than a decade as an award-winning attorney, coaching leaders of organizations of all sizes through challenging workplace situations.

She is the founder of The Human Zone and the creator of ‘The Curious Leadership Academy’ where bosses go to become leaders. She coaches CEOs and company leaders who feel like it’s lonely at the top and want to work with someone who will help them build more strategic, healthier companies.

Claudia received the ATHENA International Leadership Award and was a nominee for Business Woman of the Year. She has also presented a popular TEDx talk called Frientorship: The Solution To The Employee Engagement Problem.