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The Body Talk Podcast – Speak With Confidence: Strategies from a Voice Expert

The Body Talk Podcast – Speak With Confidence

This episode of the Body Talk podcast is all about the power of your voice and how it can make or break your message. We’ve all experienced those moments when someone walks into a room and effortlessly captures everyone’s attention with their voice. But how do they do it? And why do some people struggle to get their message across, even if they’re saying all the right things?

To answer these questions, Alina spoke to voice expert Emmanuella Grace. Emmanuella has a background in performance and psychology and is a coach, speaker, and facilitator in the mental, physical, and creative skills to speak up and communicate with clarity, confidence, and poise.

In this episode, Emmanuella shares her insights on how to speak with confidence in the world of business and covers everything from speed and pitch to mindset and vocal fry.

Listen to the podcast here or head to Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

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