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The Body Talk Podcast – Improve Your Speaking Voice


The Body Talk Podcast – Improve Your Speaking Voice

Your voice is a powerful tool – you can use it to motivate and inspire change in others. When we use our voice well in business, it can help us to connect with our audience and to get our message across with clarity and confidence.

All sounds good, right? But many people don’t like the sound of their own voice. They might speak quietly, quickly, too high, or maybe monotone.

If you’re not confident about your voice, or you simply want to improve how you sound when speaking to an audience, this podcast is for you.

Our guest in this episode of the Body Talk podcast is David Tyler. David is a communication expert, speaker, and voice-over talent based in Montreal, Canada. He has decades of experience in TV & radio broadcasting and voice-over and has been helping companies communicate their ideas for over 30 years.

Whether you’re a business professional, a teacher, an entrepreneur or someone who wants to improve your speaking voice, we discuss techniques and tips to help improve the sound of your voice so that you can feel more confident and get your message across more effectively.

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David is a career broadcaster known for his natural ability to connect with his audience.

His mantra of  “Stop Communicating, Start Connecting” is his advice to anyone attempting to connect with an audience of one…or one million.

Technology is constantly giving us these cool new tools to communicate with. But like all great craftspeople will tell you, it’s not about the tools it’s about the artists underlying knowledge and skill that matters most.”

He writes and lectures on “The Art of Communicating Ideas”.