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The Body Talk Podcast – Improve Your Body Language And Communication Skills


The Body Talk Podcast – Improve Your Body Language And Communication Skills

Do you need to increase your impact and presence at work? Would you like to have more gravitas in meetings and presentations?

Having the ability to command attention is one of the most critical aspects of ‘unconscious leadership’. These are the non-verbal traits and behaviours that improve other peoples’ perception of us as a leader. Without these silent partners in the game of influence, it can be challenging to draw attention to yourself or have others respond favourably to your ideas. 

Richard Newman is the CEO of Body Talk and an award-winning expert in Leadership Communication, Storytelling and Body Language.

He’s taught these techniques for over 21 years, helping over 100,000 people worldwide improve their personal impact.

Richard began his research and teaching in 1995 by living in a Tibetan monastery in India, teaching English. Following this, he studied professional acting in London for three years.

In this podcast episode, he explains why his early struggles with confidence inspired him to start the company. He also offers simple solutions to help anyone improve their impact in business or their personal life.

Discover the following:

1 – The importance of congruency and why so many people get it wrong

2 – How to control anxiety

3 – How to come across with the same impact in a virtual environment as face-to-face

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