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The LIFT Podcast – Doing The Hard Things To Achieve Your Goals


The LIFT Podcast – Doing The Hard Things To Achieve Your Goals

We’ll all face challenges at some stage in our lives. Some are small and easily overcome, while others may seem insurmountable at the time. But if we want to live our best lives, we mustn’t let these challenges stop us from moving forward. This is something that Jamie Hess knows first-hand. Jamie is a wellness mentor, TV personality, certified nutrition coach, and co-creator of the popular Instagram account @NYCfitfam. She and her husband George share tips on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, and parenting with their 150,000+ followers.

But Jamie didn’t have an easy road to success. She battled addiction and binge-eating for years before finally getting clean and sober in 2012. It was then that she turned her life around and started down the path to becoming the thought leader on fitness that she is
today. Jamie has since dedicated her life to helping others overcome their own challenges so they can live their best lives.

Listen to the latest episode of the LIFT podcast, where we discuss everything from mindfulness and overcoming addiction to morning routines and parenting.

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