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The LIFT Podcast – How To Create Your Own Happiness With Suzanne Shaw


The LIFT Podcast – How To Create Your Own Happiness With Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne Shaw had always been under the scrutiny of the media. Ever since she achieved chart-topping success at the age of 19 with the pop group Hear’Say, her every move was documented and analyzed. After leaving the pop industry, she remained in the public eye with a recurring role in Emmerdale and appearing on stage in London’s West End. All of this contributed to her battle with mental health for many years. She felt like she could never live a normal life under the constant watch of the cameras and reporters.

In 2020, Suzanne decided to make a change. She turned her lifestyle completely and started documenting her journey online. Her audience and the media were both amazed by her transformation. She had gone from an unhealthy, depressed person to an ultra-runner, plant-based eater, and sober living advocate. She has inspired hundreds of thousands of people with her story and has also helped to break the stigma around mental health.

We were thrilled to have Suzanne on the latest episode of the LIFT podcast where she shared her experiences with Richard. They discussed:

– What was it like being a media and pop sensation with Hear’say?

– In the midst of lots of media, how did she prepare herself for each performance to perform at her best under pressure?

– What was the first step to lifting herself from depression and her first major breakthrough?

– What were the challenges with the change of lifestyle?

– How do you stay committed to good choices on tough days? What are the triggers that can prevent you from keeping your healthy commitments?

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More about Suzanne Shaw

Suzanne has thrived in the wellness industry. In May 2020, she ran for 19 hours, covering 60 miles, all to raise awareness for the 19 people who take their own lives every day in the UK and raising money for the suicide prevention charity ‘Samaritans’.

With her ultra-running, plant-based eating and sober living, Suzanne inspires over 250,000 followers online. She is also the founder of ‘The Happy Health Club’ and the host of the brilliant podcast ‘Dare To Be Happy’.