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The LIFT Podcast – Get Rid of Writers Block and Accelerate Your Writing


The LIFT Podcast – Get Rid of Writers Block and Accelerate Your Writing

Do you have to write as part of your job? Perhaps you’re responsible for internal or external communication or you have to write creative content. Maybe you have a book inside you that’s just waiting to be written. Whatever writing project you have on your plate, writing can be incredibly challenging, especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed and too busy to even think about it.

People will often say they don’t have enough time to write, or they feel they’re not good enough. Some may even have the nagging voice of their inner critic that no one would want to read what you have to say. Sound familiar?

Keira Brinton is a book medium, founder of Freedom House Publishing Co., an author of six books, and mother to five children. She helps authors write their books in FAST momentum and flow. Her mission is to change the world with powerful books that impact humanity with transformational messages. She is also committed to changing the publishing world so that everyone who wants to change the world with their books can all sit at the same table.

In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Keira and Richard discuss:

How to deal with writer’s block

Tips to help you write when you’re too busy with everything else

How can you write in flow and write quickly

Overcoming your inner critic to write

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