Body Talk Pharma

Improve the impact of critical behaviours by up to 500%.

What is Body Talk Pharma?

Body Talk is a specialist in the delivery of advanced communication skills, presentation skills and stakeholder engagement to the pharmaceutical industry. 

Since 2005, we’ve trained people from all sides of the industry, including Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs), Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), HCPs, Medical Managers and Commercial teams to communicate with power. The effect has been dramatic. For example:

In 2018 a pharmaceutical company ran two STEM audits: one before they engaged Body Talk and one after. The aim was to measure the effect of our training on the outcome of meetings between MSLs and Healthcare Professionals (HCPs). The increase in results was the highest ever seen as a direct result of a training intervention. We dramatically improved the impact of four critical behaviours in stakeholder meetings by up to 500%, with results observed 6 months later. 

What do we deliver?

We’ve designed and delivered training programmes and events for the pharmaceutical industry on a regional and global scale. These include:

  • Speaker training for KOLs who present at large international symposiums
  • Treatment launches and data communication for commercial teams 
  • Coaching 1000s of MSLs to enhance the conversations they have with HCPs, to ensure they gain insights and improve their effectiveness
  • Increasing the skills of Medical Teachers to run training events
  • Improving internal communications to ensure skills and knowledge transfer

These programmes are bespoke and designed to deliver against tangible commercial objectives, in face-to-face meetings and virtual conversations.


The Body Talk MSL Programme

MSLs have always faced the challenge of gaining appointments with stakeholders and building relationships. The rapport building skills of the past are no longer effective in a virtual world. The natural chemistry and trust that MSLs could rely on building when in a room with an HCP has been diminished in online meetings.

To address this problem, we’ve created a proven learning journey for MSLs, to increase their impact virtually. The result is focused conversations, stronger relationships, valuable insights and greater revenue from every interaction. 

The Programme includes: 

  • Live online coaching sessions
  • Small group workshops to allow for peer-to-peer practice and feedback
  • Video assignments, to allow MSLs to send recorded assignments to their coach and gain personal tips to improve their impact
  • A comprehensive online learning platform, with bite-size videos, quizzes and assignments to embed the learning
  • Bonus podcasts and audiobook to enhance the learning
  • Tailored downloadable workbooks to print or use on a tablet

This transformative programme for MSLs takes place over 4 weeks with a time commitment of 2.5hours per week for optimum effectiveness. 


Who are our clients?

Our clients include 13 of the top 25 global pharmaceutical companies (based on the rankings published in Pharmaceutical Executive 2019). This means we have a clear, proven understanding of the challenges you face and how to overcome them.


Next Steps

The benefits of working with Body Talk Pharma are proven, which is why we are the industry leader.

For an initial discussion of how we can help you, please contact our team.