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One-To-One Coaching

One-to-one online coaching for future leaders and senior executives

Are you working towards a keynote speech? Do you deliver high-stakes sales presentations or pitches? Our one-to-one online coaching sessions can take you to the next level of personal influence and communications effectiveness.

Delivered via Skype, our one-to-one sessions give you the complete focus and feedback of one of our specialists, allowing you to improve quickly and in time for the big event.

Who is this coaching for?

C-suite executives, CEOs, politicians and future leaders who want personal support and coaching and have limited time available in their schedule.

What will you achieve?

Our online coaching sessions are designed to help you reach your full potential and get the results you deserve in important meetings and events. We’ll begin by finding out your goals so that we can tailor the coaching around you. Then we’ll create a coaching plan to help you achieve them. The coaching sessions are highly practical, so you will learn new skills and build confidence every step of the way.

Most clients book between 3 to 6 sessions with a coach, but you can book just one session to get you started if you wish. The sessions then usually happen twice per month to ensure you are consistently building skills.

We’re here to help

If you have a specific event date you are preparing for we recommend you book at least 3 sessions, starting around one month before, so that you have time to gain confidence in your new skills.

You can focus these sessions on popular areas such as executive impact, storytelling, stage presence, handling difficult questions and personal influence. Or you may have something more specific in mind, such as a job interview or sales pitch to work on.

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Our training is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. It can take place at a location convenient to you anywhere in the world.

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"This was probably the best training I've ever had. The personalised feedback was incredibly useful and the exercises we did were very helpful. The course was fun, interactive, and I would highly recommend it to colleagues."
Project Manager
“These strategies transformed the way our team communicate, accelerating our progress and increasing our success. The Body Talk team have a rare skill for teaching powerful techniques in a dynamic way and delivering real-world results.”
Nick Bonney, former Head of Insights
“The techniques Richard and his team teaches are world class. He has electrified our team and boosted our results.”
Ait Voncke, Senior Vice President