Prepare for an upcoming pitch with self-awareness, confidence & skills training

Bid Preparation

Are you about to pitch for a major contract and need to make sure your bid team is ready for the challenge? The bid team selection is important. The interview panel wants to see the people who will actually deliver the contract as well as senior stakeholders to show your commitment to the new contract.

Our approach is to help the individuals and the team have the self-awareness, confidence and skills required to succeed in Bid interviews, presentations and behavioural assessments. We test leadership, management, communication and collaborative working. Behavioural assessments are increasingly used by clients looking to take risk out of their procurement. Our training approach enables people to be the best possible version of themselves and this authentic approach stands up to any test in the way that acting can’t.

We can support the Bid with CV writing, to ensure the project team’s CVs resonate with clients’ values and bid win themes and draw out clear examples of when the desired behaviours have been demonstrated.


Read more in our Case Study with AECOM, who are the world’s premiership infrastructure firm that partners with clients to build legacies for generations to come.



How we structure the training

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Prepare the key messaging – develop an engaging delivery style, bringing to life what you say with extra influence, authority and presence.

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Bring the team together – review the project team to build self and team awareness, linking behaviours and performance, identifying the team challenges and the gap between current and desired behaviours.

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Interview preparation – training for team individual interviews and the techniques for handling interview questions and challenges. 

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Final rehearsal – we run a full rehearsal to give real confidence to the team. When required, we use a team of observers, actors and interviewers so that the rehearsal is realistic and demands focus whilst keeping a level of high performance for sustained periods.

"You took a disjointed group and moulded them into a winning team. We cannot thank you enough! you made the difference and we will definitely be calling you in for our next major bid."
Bid Manager,
"Alina was wonderful. She delivered constructive feedback in a clear yet gentle way. I think every one of us really enjoyed the training and found it to be a great use of time and resources."
Leading Beauty Company
"The course gave me practical, actionable tips and insights. The format was very easy to follow, covering the theory and key points first and then allowing us time to present and receive feedback. It was a very insightful course and I have been trying to put what I have learned into practice since. Charlie Evans was a great instructor, facilitating the session well, engaging the class and making the content clear and relatable."
London Business School

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