Our winning methodology is backed by science

Our winning methodology is backed by science

Our Method

Over the past 20 years, the team at Body Talk have researched, developed and refined a practical method of coaching that is backed by science, giving you the best possible results. Working with more than 10,000 people every year from all over the world, we have designed events and learning experiences that transform your communication skills in the shortest possible time. 


Our Training

All of our training is delivered with an enjoyable and supportive approach and we work with each person and client differently, according to your needs, so that you can apply what you have learned immediately in every meeting you have.

Importantly, we are not here to change who you are. We do not want to give you any awkward or manipulative techniques for short-term results that leave you feeling uncomfortable. Instead we know that all people are born with incredible communication instincts and varied personalities. We will show you how to access your full potential, by removing habits that hold you back, ensuring that you communicate as your true authentic self, find your voice, feel empowered and ready to perform at your best.

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Our training is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. It can take place at a location convenient to you anywhere in the world. Practical, proven, positive coaching – does that sound good? Get in touch today.

“The best training I have experienced in 16 years as a professional trainer. Truly an outstanding course. Thank you so much.”
Senior Trainer
“The techniques Richard and his team teaches are world class. He has electrified our team and boosted our results.”
Ait Voncke, Senior Vice President
"Unanimously positive feedback – Excellent delivery, great content and application. The attendees were engaged; educated and entertained. I will be applying what I learnt in my day to day work. 91% overall satisfaction rating, from all attendees."
Michelle Martin, Project Manager
“This was the best course I have ever had. The presenters were very well prepared and engaged all of us in a way I have never seen before!”
Marketing Specialist