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Transform Your Leadership – with Richie Contartesi


The LIFT Podcast – Transform Your Leadership

In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard sits down with Richie Contartesi.
Richie talks about his journey from being a 5’7”, 150-pound walk-on at Ole Miss to becoming a Division-1 football scholarship athlete in the SEC. He also talks about how he uses his playbook to help leaders transform businesses and achieve success.

Other areas of conversation include:

– Fundamental life lessons he learned from his Little League coach which he still uses today

– Why he changed his career focus despite having huge success

– Focus on the next play – his mantra that has helped leaders transform their business

– His three-point system for attracting and keeping top talent

– Richie’s advice for becoming the best version of yourself each day

This is a must-listen for anyone who is looking to improve their leadership skills and grow their business.

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More about Richie:

Richie Contartesi helps leaders decide, plan, and execute the Next PlayTM, relentlessly. His three-step system–The Next Play–is the playbook for high-performing leaders who want to exceed their full potential and win more in business and health.

Richie started his journey when he went from a 5’7” 150-pound walk-on at Ole Miss to becoming a Division-1 football scholarship athlete in the powerhouse South Eastern Conference (The SEC). He also went on to earn the coveted SEC Scholar Athlete award.

After his graduation from Ole Miss, Richie played professional Arena football, authored his #1 bestseller, “In Spite of the Odds ”, was featured in the movie “Rudy Ruettiger: The Walk On”, launched the Relentless University app, and opened Relentless Warrior Fitness in Las Vegas.

Richie has since built a 7-figure coaching business by using his playbook to help leaders transform their businesses, body, and overall health. He also speaks frequently and partners with businesses of all sizes including major corporations worldwide like IBM to build teams who are clear on their goals, focused on their next play, and accountable each week, resulting in their rapid growth and record engagement.