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The Body Talk Podcast – Resilience, storytelling and creative peacebuilding

Honey Al Sayed talks about resilience, storytelling and creative peace building

In this episode of the Body Talk podcast, we’re talking about resilience, storytelling, and creative peacebuilding with a remarkable guest.

Honey Al Sayed founded Honey&, a leading agency focused on human development and the visionary behind MAP – Media and Arts for Peace.

Honey presented “Good Morning Syria” for seven years, captivating over 7 million listeners. But her path hasn’t always been smooth. Displaced by war multiple times, Honey’s journey is marked by resilience, determination, and commitment to improving the world.

In 2012, Honey relocated to the United States, where she became a sought-after speaker at academic institutions across the US and Europe, all while advocating for women’s leadership, youth empowerment, and the transformative role of media and arts in building lasting peace.

We delve into Honey’s incredible life journey and explore key themes that have shaped her path:

Staying resilient after being displaced: Discover how Honey has turned adversity into a source of strength.

Experience as a broadcaster: The power of storytelling through the eyes of a seasoned broadcaster.

Pivoting through different roles: How Honey transitioned between diverse roles and industries.

Creative peacebuilding: Using media and the arts to foster peace and understanding.

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