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The LIFT Podcast – How To Be A Soulful Entrepeneur


The LIFT Podcast – How To Be A Soulful Entrepeneur

Jesse Johnson is a sales and success coach specialising in helping spiritual entrepreneurs. She went from teaching maths in NYC public schools to founding her multi-million dollar personal development company and ultimately helping hundreds of clients reach their potential for major profit, impact, and freedom.

Revolutionising the way we understand and do sales, Jesse teaches sales mastery, not only as the one skill needed for complete financial freedom, but as service, as a means to help every single person you speak with, and as a spiritual practice that will deliver you from codependence, self-doubt and limiting beliefs.

In this latest episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard talks to Jesse about her story of going from a maths teacher to running a 7 figure business and how you can start a business without prior experience. They also discuss:

– Win-win sales

– How to create fair boundaries so you can give and receive

– Dealing with self-doubt

– How to develop your self-worth

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