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The LIFT Podcast – Overcoming Trauma To Perform At Your Best


The LIFT Podcast – Overcoming Past Trauma To Perform At Your Best

Many of us will have experienced some form of trauma, whether a panic attack, an accident, or something more personal. And while we may think that we have processed and moved on from these events, they can continue to haunt us in the form of anxiety, panic attacks, or flashbacks.

For some, the memories of their trauma are so strong and vivid that it feels like they are living through it all over again. Unresolved trauma or disturbing events and experiences can interfere with your ability to function at your highest level. These experiences limit your ability to regulate your mood, focus, or connect with others in a healthy, loving and safe way.

Dr Don Wood is a PhD, author and speaker, as well as the Founder & CEO of the Inspired Performance Institute, where he is the creator of the patented TIPP method.

TIPP is a cutting-edge method designed to clear away the effects of disturbing or traumatic events and set your mind up for peak performance. It’s based on the idea that our minds have developed some glitches and error messages in storing information about past events. And we all have these glitches!

Even high-functioning individuals, like executives and professional athletes, have glitches from their pasts. Don has helped many people finally move on from their previous trauma and live life to the fullest.

In this latest episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard and Don discuss the following:

How do things that happen to you in childhood become unresolved traumas later in life?

What are emotional concussions?

What is a panic attack, and is it possible to stop them?

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