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The Body Talk Podcast – From Neurodiversity to Neuroinclusion


The Body Talk Podcast – From Neurodiversity To Neuroinclusion

There’s lots of talk these days about neurodiversity, and for good reason. As our understanding of the brain grows, we’re beginning to see just how complex and varied it can be. But what does that mean for the workplace? How can businesses embrace neurodiversity and create an environment where everyone can thrive?

Neurodiversity is the term used to describe the natural diversity of brain function and wiring. It includes conditions like ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and dyslexia. Many businesses are now beginning to understand that neurodiversity can be a source of strength, creativity, and innovation, but there’s still more to be done to fully include people who are neurodiverse in the workforce.

John Boileau has been with the NHS for 20 years with a background in transformation and change. He currently works for The NHS Transformation Unit, which works in partnership with other NHS organisations to transform health and care outcomes for people and communities. Over the past two years, John has led programmes of work related to neurodiversity, in addition to being diagnosed with ADHD himself.

His professional and personal experience has inspired him to set up a business talking to organisations about neuroinclusivity, and we asked John to come on the Body Talk podcast so he could share his insights. Listen in to discover what neurodiversity is, why it’s important for employers and businesses and how a greater awareness can help your business and team thrive.

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