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The LIFT Podcast – Live the Impossible

Live the Impossible with Matt Hogan

As a child, Matt Hogan struggled with feelings of being at the bottom of the social ladder, which fueled a deep desire to escape his roots. 

A traumatic event in 2004, when he attempted suicide and unexpectedly survived, instilled in him an unshakeable message of hope and a desire to live and thrive. This experience marked Matt’s first significant turning point and set him on a journey of self-discovery and intellectual development. 

Despite becoming a company Director Matt felt hollow and isolated. It wasn’t until 2017, when his fiance left him; he realised the need to develop his emotional intelligence and challenge his beliefs about himself and the world around him. 

This realisation led Matt to leave his corporate job in 2018 and become a certified professional coach and pursue work beyond one company. For the past three years, Matt has lived nomadically, travelling to discover broader truths about the world and supporting developing entrepreneurs and leaders to create the greatest results through their work. 

Today, Matt focuses on bringing his experiences and insights to support others in living their lives with peace and the courage to be true to themselves. 

Live the Impossible

In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Richard talks to Matt about the significant turning points in his life, the importance of coming to know, trust, and be guided by our own inner voice and what can help you work with the voice of the inner critic that can block our lives so you can live the impossible.

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