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Leading By Example – How To Raise The Bar For Your Team


The LIFT Podcast: Leading By Example – How To Raise The Bar For Your Team

It’s always inspiring to hear from people who have found success in their business ventures while still maintaining strong family values. That’s exactly what you’ll get from Christian Fuentes in this episode of the LIFT podcast. Along with his wife, Jeannette, they have over 12 years of experience working together where they’ve been able to achieve great business success while still putting their family and their health first.

And it’s this whole-life attitude that has made them one of the top-producing REMAX teams out there. With 300 agents in their office, as well as owning and running an escrow company and a flipping company, they continue to grow rapidly while still maintaining a positive, caring, family-oriented environment.

They’re also passionate about teaching others what they know so that they can become successful too. So if you’re looking for some inspiration to help you achieve your business goals and lift others be sure to check out this episode of the podcast with Christian Fuentes.

Topics of discussion include:

– Success is contagious – the importance of leading by example

– Christian’s 7 daily habits that allow him to lift and elevate his team

– How do you get things done when life gets hard?

– How to find good people and build a successful team

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