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The Body Talk Podcast – How To Have Better Hybrid Meetings


The Body Talk Podcast – How To Have Better Hybrid Meetings

We’ve all had to adapt to different ways of working in the last few years. Initially, we had to master the tech behind virtual communication, and more recently, this has expanded to hybrid interactions.

The transition has been tricky, and there is plenty of confusion around the idea of what hybrid means. Workers are disengaged and feel disconnected.

So, we thought, how can we have better hybrid meetings?

Dr Nicola Millard is Principal Innovation Partner at BT and has a background in Applied Psychology and Computer Science, where she received her PhD.  Nicola has been involved in several firsts at BT, including implementing AI in their customer call centres. She’s an award-winning presenter and has appeared on two Ted talks, countless panels at conferences. Nicola has also been a guest on BBC Woman’s Hour, Tech Tent, The Genius of Invention and Back in Time for the Weekend for the BBC.

This latest podcast discusses working more effectively in a hybrid world and maintaining that essential social connection in a semi-remote environment.

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