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How to negotiate as a woman and achieve gender parity with Kathryn Valentine


How to negotiate as a woman and achieve gender parity with Kathryn Valentine

Kathryn Valentine is the Founder of Worthmore Strategies, a consulting firm focused on achieving gender parity in the workplace by empowering women to ask for what they need to be happy, productive, and successful in their careers. Her work has been featured in Fast Company, Adweek, Working Mother and Forbes.

Kathryn graduated from the University of Virginia, where she was a Jefferson Scholar, and started her career at McKinsey. She has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management. While in business school, she researched how to negotiate specifically as a woman; that work is the foundation of her research-based approach to women’s leadership development. She has worked with multi-billion dollar corporations to retain and promote high-performing women, and individual women to craft a career they love. She’s on a mission to support professional women and the companies that want them to thrive.

In this latest episode of the LIFT podcast, you’ll gain insights and strategies to enhance your career and also discover how gender parity can develop your team and improve your relationships.

-Discover what holds women back in negotiating

-How to negotiate collaboratively rather than competitively

-Why negotiating is not just about money and promotions

-Why helping women and diverse groups to negotiate better improves loyalty and retention

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