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The LIFT Podcast – Navigating Self-Doubt and Finding Purpose

The LIFT Podcast – Navigating Self-Doubt and Finding Purpose

Luke Iorio is a transformation coach, guide, advisor, and host of the much-talked-about podcast, On This Walk. Luke has walked alongside tens of thousands of clients and listeners as they search for meaning, purpose, and alignment.

Luke’s passion for helping others stems from his own spiritual path. For much of his life, Luke believed success was something to be achieved and that placing mind over matter was honourable, strong, and the “right thing to do.” Luke searched for alignment and purpose, and on his journey, he re-discovered the beauty and joy of reconnecting with one’s true nature, finding real balance, and feeling connected, healed, and whole.

As the previous President and CEO of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, Luke had the unique and fortunate opportunity to work with influential people and organizations who were not satisfied with life and business as usual, granting him access to a laboratory of transformation that few people have had. Luke continues to serve as a partner and board member for iPEC, and the insights and experiences he gleaned continue to inform his coaching, retreats, and podcast. 
In this episode of the LIFT podcast, Luke talks to Richard about:

• His own journey through self-doubt when he hit a brick wall in his career
• Why self-awareness is a key factor in personal and business growth
• His advice on burnout and what to do when you feel stuck
• Why seeking short-term happiness often ends in long-term unhappiness

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