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The LIFT Podcast – The Chemistry of Happiness


The LIFT Podcast – The Chemistry of Happiness

It’s no secret that happiness and productivity go hand-in-hand. When we’re happy, we’re more likely to be motivated and to get things done. But what if you’re stuck in a happiness rut? How can you get out of it and start enjoying your life more? Sarah Hiner has the answer.

In her recent course, The Chemistry of Happiness, Sarah teaches you how to take control of your happiness and increase your energy levels. In this episode of the LIFT podcast, we discuss the following:

– What makes people unhappy?

– What is unique about The Chemistry of Happiness with so many self-help people giving advice on how to be happier?

– How can we reduce stress and increase the happy hormones?

– How can people sleep better and know they had a good day?

– How do we stop suffocating the joy?

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More about Sarah:

Sarah Hiner is the creator and author of The Chemistry of Happiness:  A 21 Day Program that teaches people that happiness is totally in their control when they understand the biochemical connection between their actions, their thoughts and their bodies. 

She is the former President and CEO of highly-respected publisher Bottom Line Inc. and is passionate about giving people the tools and knowledge they need to be in control of their lives, especially their health and wellness. Her own health challenge 25 years ago transformed her understanding of the human body’s power to create health and wellness and the importance of self-advocacy in the incredibly complicated mainstream health care system. 

Sarah often appears on national radio and has interviewed leading experts to help people be their own best advocates. Her blog promoting self-advocacy in all areas of life, Common Threads, can be found at BottomLineInc.com and on Medium.com.   

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