The LIFT Podcast – Powerful Storytelling: How To Tell A Great Business Story

The power of storytelling is undeniable. By using stories to communicate your business message, you can capture the attention of your audience and deliver information in a way that is both engaging and memorable. What’s more, business stories can be used to inspire, educate, and motivate employees and customers alike.

Cristina Mendonsa is a prime example of the impact that storytelling can have. As an award-winning journalist, she has spent over two decades crafting relevant, targeted content for nationwide media groups and broadcast networks. Throughout her career, she has demonstrated her passion for telling stories with impact and heart, proving that storytelling is a powerful communication tool.

In our podcast interview, Cristina shares her insights on powerful storytelling and its ability to move people and businesses forward.

Richard & Cristina discuss:

  • What makes a good story
  • What gets in the way of being able to tell stories
  • Why has storytelling become more popular in business over the last few decades
  • How to find your own story and have the confidence to tell it

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More about Cristina:

Cristina Mendonsa is an EMMY/Murrow award-winning multimedia journalist, producer, spokesperson, and media entrepreneur. For over two decades, she’s demonstrated her passion for telling stories with impact and heart by crafting relevant, targeted content for nationwide media groups and broadcast networks in the United States.

Cristina has reported and anchored for ABC, CBS, and NBC television stations throughout the United States and recently joined the nationwide iHeartMedia group where she anchors and reports for KFBK, the group’s number one Newsradio station. Her reputation for combining a direct approach with a warm interview style has allowed her to secure interviews with presidents and prime ministers as well as other top newsmakers for 25 years and gain the trust of her viewers and listeners.

As a media entrepreneur, she is the creator of the Power Profile which is a podcast and video series of innovators, entrepreneurs and thought leaders. Her academic pursuits include a master’s degree in communications and leadership as well as a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Journalism. Cristina conducted a national media research study on broadcast journalist work habits in 2017 which is cited and quoted in global projects on media


by Richard Newman
on 23rd May 2022

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