Leadership Mindset: How to Empower Yourself for Success with Brian Covey

How do you go from pro soccer player to VP of one of the largest mortgage companies in America? More importantly, what can you learn along the way? 

Once an Olympic USA Soccer Player, Brian Covey quickly learned how to get “cut” and literally… get cut. Fitness and mindset became masteries for Brian very early as his career was affected by the 2007 market crash just years after his soccer team days came to an end, right when he was raising toddlers with his wife Nicole. 

Brian has mastered the art of a growth mindset, the art of winning, and the art of staying fit. He believes in integration and health over all things. Brian is an executive at loanDepot, a proud father, an influencer, a top-rated podcaster and, just simply, a fabulous soccer dad. He throws the suit down and coaches his daughter’s league with joy several times a week. Brian’s mission with his new book, “Conversations with Covey”, is to highlight some of the most incredible stories he’s gotten to share on his podcast, the Brian Covey Show.

In this latest episode of LIFT, Richard talks to Brian about a leadership mindset, winning in business, empowering others and staying mentally and physically fit.

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by Richard Newman
on 21st March 2022

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