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We have a full range of online training solutions for your company

Online learning gives you all of the benefits of our in-person workshops without the need to travel. Whether you are looking to improve your presentation skills or increase your storytelling powers, our CPD-accredited online courses can deliver extraordinary results for your team in the comfort of their own home or office.

Tailored for you

We can create a tailored solution to help you achieve your biggest goals and overcome your main challenges. You can also choose different solutions for people at different levels in their career, with foundation courses for junior staff and executive training for senior professionals.

Choose from the following options:


Self-Directed Learning

If you have a large team who need to increase their skills at their own pace from anywhere in the world, we can create a bespoke learning journey for them.

We’ll include your branding and colours as well as the most important techniques you want them to improve.

They’ll take part in video tutorials, quizzes and interactive assignments to increase their confidence. We can include an audio book, podcasts and special messages from your company so that they know exactly what you would like them to achieve.

The online learning is easy to access from any device so that they can increase their skills at home, work or while travelling.

Live Masterclass Events

You can book a live event to happen for your global team, so that they learn together on an online workshop. Choose the most important subject you need to improve and we’ll plan the perfect event for you.

You can also give them access to online videos, workbooks, podcasts and audio books before and after the session to keep the learning going.

Popular topics include storytelling, personal impact and peak performance mindset.


Complete Learning Journey with Live Coaching

Create a learning journey for a specific team who need to improve their skills together. They can access online video tuition to gain the core knowledge on critical techniques. You can choose an assignment for them to work on, to put all of their new skills into action. Our team will review their videos and send them each personal feedback. 

We can then host small webinar workshops for an exclusive group. This will allow them to ask in-depth questions with an expert communication coach, as well as practising skills together, discussing what they have learned and gaining further techniques and insights. 

This journey of live and pre-recorded learning can be tailored to match your time-line, goals and the most important skill sets you need to improve.

The Body Talk coaching team will ensure that each person also creates a personal development plan, so that they put the techniques they learn into action on important projects and continue to improve.

Your online learning can include the following popular elements:

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90 days unlimited access for your team to all online materials

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Self-directed learning through videos, worksheets, quizzes and assignments, all available immediately

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Exclusive networking page, where your team can discuss what they are learning with colleagues

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Behind-the-scenes access for a member of your team, so that you can see the progress that each person is making with their online learning journey

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Many hours of bonus content, including audiobook and podcasts

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Assignments to practise in your own time or submit to a coach for personal feedback

Exclusive Online Solution for your Company

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We partner with clients to design an online learning solution, that can be hosted on your own internal platform, so that everyone in your company can achieve the gold standard of communication skills required for each different role.

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We can devise multiple courses that create a learning journey for your global team.

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You can blend this online learning together with live workshops, or host everything virtually.

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This allows you to train an unlimited number of employees in every location, so that you raise the standard and results for the entire company.

If you choose to work with an online coach, you will also get:

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Our online courses are catered to the specific needs of your organisation. We also give clients full access to the activity of each student – allowing you to get a view on individual progress and to see who the high performers are. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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"This was the best training I have attended in 10 years at KPMG. Everyone in our company should do this."

"Thanks for a phenomenal course. Not only have I been made aware of things I do (or don't do), I've been given the tools to make the adjustments. I'm looking forward to another fantastic ‘ah ha!’ day”
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