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Training Specialist


We are looking for an experienced trainer with professional acting or broadcast journalism experience, who enjoys teaching and coaching people to perform at their best. The role will include delivering and designing advanced level communication courses.

Ideally, we are aiming for someone who speaks fluent Spanish or MandarinFrench and German are also useful. Must be fluent second language.


You will be delivering events with our specialist training team, including workshops, one-to-one coaching and speaking at conferences, mainly focusing on the area of advanced presentation skills, communication, storytelling and sales pitches.

You will be guided through our entire method for doing this and shown how to create outstanding results (even if you have been a trainer for many years, you will be guided through our specialist way of running events and learn our specific methodology for coaching clients). You will initially support events with other members of our team, then go on to lead your own events.

Almost all of our events are run by a minimum of two trainers, so you will quickly feel part of the team and supported at all times. It usually takes many months for a new trainer to learn everything that we do (due to the depth of knowledge and expertise at delivering material that you will require) and you will be paid, trained and supported every step of the way.

We ask that you can commit to between 6-12 days per month to deliver training. Keep in mind that there is a lot of travel involved, so you will need to consider childcare and other commitments as needed. Events may take you away for 2-3 days at a time. Currently most events are virtual, however in-person events are gradually returning. When you start with us you may only get a few days booked per month, while you are learning. The number of days will gradually increase as you know more of our material and can work at more events.

We are very much committed to looking after you, because then you’ll want to stay with us, just like the rest of our team!

You will need to work exclusively with us for presentation skills training and communication coaching, so please keep this in mind. Please do not apply if you have your own presentation skills company or regular work with other communication skills training providers.



  • Professional acting training, or experience in broadcast journalism, or many years of coaching experience
  • Worked within corporate training, teaching or public speaking to audiences
  • Able to work with us exclusively for presentation skills training work (you can keep going with other forms of income, non-competing work)

Those interested in the role should forward a CV, covering letter and 2 minute video introducing yourself