Virtual Team Business Communication Skills

What is a Virtual Masterclass?

We deliver engaging Masterclasses online as well as in person. We keep these events highly interactive and high energy, with the trainer engaging with the audience via the chat box & interactive software.

These are aimed at larger groups of people. You can teach your entire company, or host more intimate sessions with Q&A. 

We recommend these last for 60 – 90 minutes. We can host Masterclasses via any platform, including Zoom, MS Teams, WebEx, GoogleMeet.

Virtual Impact, Gravitas and Influence

Discover body language techniques to ensure you make the most impact when communicating virtually. Our techniques enable you to develop a dynamic and persuasive communication style. We refer to examples from inspirational and engaging speakers. 

  • Lights, Camera, Action – learn the professional strategies used by broadcast journalists and TV presenters to increase your impact
  • Learn body language and voice techniques to captivate your audience via video call
  • Be guided on how to adapt these techniques for maximum impact in both a virtual and face to face environment
  • Resolve common technical challenges so you can create the right impact online every time
  • Discover how to adapt your style to suit your audience
  • Understand the different presentation styles and how to vary your personal style to increase your gravitas, authority and impact.

Visual Aids

Avoid Death by Powerpoint and understand how to use visual aids to increase your impact. Make your presentation decks come to life guided by research on the science of communication.

  • Visual storytelling – revise your communications from boring bullet points to powerful visual messages
  • Learn from the experts – TV journalists use powerful visual aids to engage viewers and more effectively communicate their message
  • Review broadcast techniques to get your audience to remember your key messages
  • Transform your slides – implement our techniques to transform your decks.

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The Science of Storytelling

Capture your audience and transform your message with our simple and highly effective business storytelling method. Use this technique to increase your personal influence and motivate your audience to act on your message.

  • Learn the PRO storytelling method which can be applied to all written and verbal content
  • This structure reframes your ideas to be more compelling and memorable
  • Implement simple changes to transform complex messages into digestible information that captivates your audience
  • Identify how to engage your audience to take action following your meetings and secure their buy-in
  • Get the reactions and respect you deserve by changing the way you communicate your message. 
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Advanced Storytelling

Develop your business storytelling with further techniques to make complex information more compelling. We draw on proven methods from journalism, psychology and research on human behaviour. This session builds on the Science of Storytelling methods. We would suggest booking this as Part 2 in a Masterclass series.

  • Discover advanced strategies that supplement the foundation PRO storytelling techniques
  • Be introduced to 5 techniques which transform complex messages to make them clear and compelling
  • Uncover how you can increase your impact by 550% by using just one of these methods
  • Determine how the use of visual aids, when used correctly, can bolster your message
  • Be inspired by the world of business, politics and entertainment to see every technique in action.

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Peak Performance Mindset

Learn how to overcome anxiety and achieve a peak performance mindset, so that you are able to perform at your best in important meetings, with strategies you can use before and during the event to ensure you gain the results you deserve.

  • Priming – learn how to reach a peak state in your mind before important events, so that you can achieve more tomorrow than you did yesterday.
  • Anchors – develop simple Anchors that bring you back to your best self, which you can use before and during key events, to increase your results.
  • Defying the demons – learn to overcome the nagging doubts and worries that can hold you back, by overriding them with peak mindset techniques.
  • Actions – how we hold ourselves, how we breathe and what we focus on, all work together to change the impact of our actions. Learn how to take charge and make sure that everything you do is helping you to achieve your goals.
Facial expressions help an audience understand how to feel about your message. When learning advanced presentation skills, don't forget to use your face!

Advanced Personal Impact

Captivate the different people you meet by using a wider choice of communication styles. Learn how you can adapt to every meeting, message and audience to increase your influence. Understand your current preferences and the different choices you can make to gain greater results at work, for live or virtual meetings.

  • The complete range of communication choices you can make to enhance the impact of your message, connect with each audience and keep people engaged from start to finish
  • Examples from well-known speakers, who embody each style, so that you can see everything in action
  • Discover how to be more flexible and adapt your speaking style to all types of people
  • Take part in interactive activities to apply everything you have learned

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Time Management

Feel empowered to plan your day successfully and get more done with a proven time management matrix. Discover the best method to organise and prioritise tasks, so that you can achieve more things that matter most

  • Delegation skills – learn how and what to delegate, so that you stay focused on your key priorities
  • Learn how to remove the Time Stealers and avoid distractions
  • Increase your energy and focus for key tasks: Find out your most productive time of day & how to maximise productivity
  • Use the proven Pomodoro Technique to get work done without distractions.

Effective Hybrid Meetings

You may have honed your virtual communication skills however, as we make a gradual return to the office, do you need support to schedule & present at your best in a hybrid setting? 

  • Discover how to create a productive and collaborative hybrid meeting
  • Learn the art of facilitation to ensure everyone’s voice is heard
  • Identify simple techniques to hold your audience’s attention
  • Adapt your style with the technical set-up and format of the meeting.

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Influencing with Authority

Assertiveness is a learned behaviour & is striking the right balance between being passivity (not assertive enough) & aggression (hostile behaviour). Learn to be a strong and confident communicator in the Influencing with Authority Masterclass.

  • Learn how to communicate in a direct and honest manner, while being respectful of others
  • Consider the benefits & highlight the value of being assertive in the workplace
  • Adopt assertive body language and how to act with confidence
  • Acquire a range of simple and efficient practical assertive techniques.

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