Communicate online with confidence, presence and impact

Communicate online with confidence, presence and impact

Virtual Communication

Speaking to a camera or microphone for a conference call, virtual meeting or video recording, can be daunting for many people. A virtual audience can feel disengaged and disconnected from you, such that they feel exhausted from the call and lack clarity on your message. Overall, a lot of stress and time is wasted through poor use of technology, leaving your teams and clients unimpressed.


Let us show you how to speak with confidence, impact and influence when presenting to camera or perhaps on a Webex, Skype or Zoom call. Discover how to connect with people, create worthwhile discussions and leave people feeling uplifted by your virtual interaction.

All of this is possible through understanding how to embrace the technology you are using, create a clear and effective journey through your information and facilitating effective conversations with the people you are speaking to.

Online Virtual Communication

Who will benefit from this training?

Leaders, managers, presenters and trainers all need to be impactful online and when presenting to camera. This will allow you to inspire more people, stay connected you’re your clients, cascade your information, widen your influence and move your projects forward more quickly.

What will you learn?

We offer a range of courses that can be tailored to you and/or your teams. After working with our team of expert media trainers, you will have developed the advanced skills and techniques that will help you excel at:

How to adapt your communication strategy to the technology you are using

How to have presence and impact without being in the room with your audience

Create clear agendas and agreements, so that everyone stays committed and engaged throughout a virtual discussion

Gain the confidence to speak to a camera or microphone with the greatest results

Harness the technology you are using, so that it serves you and your message rather than holding you back

Develop strong messages that are concise and compelling so that everyone can understand your ideas, remember them and put them into action

Topics covered include the following:
Enhance your impact
Speak with confidence to a camera or microphone, so that you project the right impression
Engage your audience
Use the right tools and structure to draw in your listeners to hear your message and take part fully in virtual meetings
Personal practise and feedback
Put everything into action so that you build confidence and certainty that you can apply what you learn to everyday situations

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Our training is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. It can take place at a location convenient to you anywhere in the world.

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"Unanimously positive feedback – Excellent delivery, great content and application. The attendees were engaged; educated and entertained. I will be applying what I learnt in my day to day work. 91% overall satisfaction rating, from all attendees."
Michelle Martin, Project Manager
"To see the transformation in my peers’ abilities to deliver memorable presentations was fantastic”
Jo Cowler
“The Body Talk team helped us prepare for a critical client presentation for a major contract. The coaching produced phenomenal results and in my view made a significant contribution towards us winning the contract, worth over £40million.”
Nick Harney
"10 out of 10. I had fun, it was challenging. I feel more confident with audiences"
Tom McGarry
“I had a fantastic time and made another leap forward in presenting. I will definitely be recommending Body Talk. It’s amazing!
Karen Melville