Our presentation skills training teaches you how to inspire, influence and move people

Our presentation skills training teaches you how to inspire, influence and move people

Presentations for meetings

Presentations can be an incredible opportunity for you to share critical information, rally your team, or update your stakeholders. However, most presentations fail to impress or engage the audience. The data can be dull and complex. The slides are often distracting. Ultimately, the people listening may leave feeling confused, uncertain and unimpressed.


Imagine if you could captivate all the people you speak to, so that they leave your meeting ready to support your idea, share your message and take action. What if you could speak with a dynamic and confident delivery, have compelling slides and a memorable message?

You can achieve all of this and much more with scientifically proven techniques that quickly transform your impact and results. From beginners, through to expert speakers and professional trainers, our clients have consistently told us that this training left them feeling empowered and ready to take on every presentation with all the tools and new skills they needed to impress people and communicate powerfully.

Proven Results

Our training is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. We worked with UCL to create the largest study ever done on non-verbal communication. After 18 months of work on this we were published in the Journal of Psychology. We will show you how to apply all of these results to enhance your impact in every meeting, conversation and presentation, so that you gain the results and respect your deserve.
We will also reveal to you the habits you didn’t know you had and help you break them.

Who will benefit from this training?

This course is perfect for executives, C-suite or anybody who needs to deliver business-critical presentations. It can be tailored to your experience and we will ensure we use real-world examples from your own situation to help you.

What will you learn?

Our presentation skills training will enable you to:

Create a more engaging communication style, with increased influence, authority and presence

Discover winning presentation strategies from former presidents and prominent public figures to help your own words come to life

Discover the simple foundation of great business storytelling

Create compelling, visual slides that make your messages memorable

Discover advanced strategies for handling questions, to gain buy-in from difficult people

Topics covered include the following:
Personal Impact
Enhance your presence, influence and gravitas through advanced body language and voice skills
Business storytelling
Tell a great story, through your structure and slides, that inspire people into action
Handling objections
Overcome challenges and answer the toughest questions with ease, while building stronger relationships

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Gain the success you deserve at your next business meeting with individual or group coaching from Body Talk. Our CPD-accredited training can take place at a location flexible to you, anywhere in the world, or through our online learning platform. Let us tailor the perfect solution for you.

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“I had a fantastic time and made another leap forward in presenting. I will definitely be recommending Body Talk. It’s amazing!
Karen Melville
"10 out of 10. I had fun, it was challenging. I feel more confident with audiences"
Tom McGarry
"To see the transformation in my peers’ abilities to deliver memorable presentations was fantastic”
Jo Cowler
“The Body Talk team helped us prepare for a critical client presentation for a major contract. The coaching produced phenomenal results and in my view made a significant contribution towards us winning the contract, worth over £40million.”
Nick Harney