Have more productive and powerful conversations to build stronger relationship

Have more productive and powerful conversations to build stronger relationship

One to One communication

It is not always easy to facilitate or lead one-to-one discussions. Whether you are a team leader, striving to get the best out of your team members or are trying to persuade a key stakeholder – important conversations fail too often. Even when you think you may have handled an objection well, how can you be sure that you understood the true nature of a person’s problem and that you weren’t just falling into the common trap of shutting it down?

Effective Communication

Businesses live and die by their ability to listen and communicate. Body Talk’s courses will guide you into creating the right impact with clients and senior stakeholders, gaining worthwhile results from every single meeting. We will show you scientifically-proven techniques that enable you to persuade, coach and influence people whilst boosting your confidence and ensuring your projects move forward.

Who will benefit from this training?

This course is for both junior and senior members of staff who want to drive better outcomes in their communication. If projects are continuously delayed, decisions hard to make and major changes are disrupting the business. Body Talk’s scientifically-proven methodology will help you achieve your goals.

What will you learn?

Our training, which can be delivered bespoke to teams or individuals, will include:


The cornerstone principles of leading impactful and meaningful interactions

Timeless rhetorical principles to help you introduce yourself and immediately establish credibility

Create a clear context and purpose of the meeting, keeping focused on the other person’s needs and outcomes to agree a clear agenda

Learn how to ask questions of increasing depth and complexity, to fully understand any challenges – unspoken or otherwise

Identify your individual listening strengths and shortcomings and learn the advanced techniques of active, empathic listening to generate a deeper understanding

Create a personal development plan to maximise results and ensure lasting success

Increase your active listening skills, so that you can hear the deeper aspects of the conversation and gain a fuller understanding of the other person’s needs and challenges

Topics covered include the following:
Impactful conversations
Make your communication effective with scientifically-proven techniques
Insightful questions
Ask more insightful questions to gain a fuller understanding of issues and greater rapport
Active listening
Discover advanced techniques for active, empathetic listening

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Our training is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. It can take place at a location convenient to you anywhere in the world.

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“These strategies transformed the way our team communicate, accelerating our progress and increasing our success. The Body Talk team have a rare skill for teaching powerful techniques in a dynamic way and delivering real-world results.”
Nick Bonney, former Head of Insights
"10 out of 10. I had fun, it was challenging. I feel more confident with audiences"
Tom McGarry
“The Body Talk team helped us prepare for a critical client presentation for a major contract. The coaching produced phenomenal results and in my view made a significant contribution towards us winning the contract, worth over £40million.”
Nick Harney
"To see the transformation in my peers’ abilities to deliver memorable presentations was fantastic”
Jo Cowler
“I had a fantastic time and made another leap forward in presenting. I will definitely be recommending Body Talk. It’s amazing!
Karen Melville