Hone your skills for more powerful public speaking

Hone your skills for more powerful public speaking

Executive Coaching for Speakers

It doesn’t matter how seasoned a speaker you are, large events, speeches, critical sales pitches and presentations require an incredible amount of skill. Perhaps you’re used to delivering speeches but you’ll be speaking to a new audience, or perhaps you’ve never spoken in front of an audience before – whatever your needs, Body Talk can design coaching around you. Our bespoke coaching is backed by science and will ensure you make a great impact – ultimately ensuring you get the results you deserve.

Who is this coaching for?

If you are preparing for an important speech, conference, team meeting or presentation our team can give you all the support you need, with tailor made coaching sessions that will cover every aspect of presenting that’s important for you. This may include executive presence, storytelling, handling questions, slide design, influencing your audience, using a large stage and plenty of practise with specific feedback to hone your technique.

Our coaching is:

Completely flexible. We can deliver highly valuable personal coaching over the course of just a few hours at a location convenient to you

Tailored to you. We will design coaching sessions around you or your team members’ goals

You can ensure you or your team leave a lasting and inspirational impact by exploring the following skills:


Style and delivery – we will work with you using scientifically-proven techniques to help you excel at delivery. We’ll ensure you keep it natural and retain your style while perfecting your body language and voice to create the most impact

Structure and storytelling – create speeches that inspire and move people. Our expert speechwriters and storytellers will work with you and your ideas to create compelling narratives

Media training – ensure you approach presenting on camera or speaking with the media with confidence. Learn how to deliver impactful, concise soundbites and handle tough questions

Topics covered include the following:
Executive Impact
Ensure you have the presence and influence you require to engage the audience
Bring your message to life with timeless techniques that will make your ideas more meaningful and memorable
Objection handling
Learn how to deal with the toughest audience, overcome challenges and gain a positive result

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Our training is backed by peer-reviewed scientific research. It can take place at a location convenient to you anywhere in the world.

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"Thanks for a phenomenal course. Not only have I been made aware of things I do (or don't do), I've been given the tools to make the adjustments. I'm looking forward to another fantastic ‘ah ha!’ day”
Business Unit Director USA
"10 out of 10. I had fun, it was challenging. I feel more confident with audiences"
Tom McGarry
"To see the transformation in my peers’ abilities to deliver memorable presentations was fantastic”
Jo Cowler
“The Body Talk team helped us prepare for a critical client presentation for a major contract. The coaching produced phenomenal results and in my view made a significant contribution towards us winning the contract, worth over £40million.”
Nick Harney
“I had a fantastic time and made another leap forward in presenting. I will definitely be recommending Body Talk. It’s amazing!
Karen Melville