Develop thinking skills and emotional intelligence through self-awareness

Develop thinking skills and emotional intelligence through self-awareness

Team Dynamics – MBTi

Whatever your position in business, one of your base strengths is your depth of self-awareness and awareness of how others operate. Designed and run by MBTi accredited coaches, the objectives of the sessions are to develop thinking skills and emotional intelligence, help with improving and changing culture, reduce stress through self-understanding and ultimately strengthen business relationships.

These lively and interactive sessions explore how you express yourself when communicating and making decisions.

During these courses you will explore and identify:

– The strengths of your particular preferences
– Potential blind spots
– Invaluable insight into other people’s preference types and how you can adapt accordingly

At the end of each of our sessions, you will receive:

– A personal report and guidance from your MBTi accredited coach
– Insights into your strengths and potential areas for development
– An MBTi downloadable app to help you gain maximum results when working with others



We had our session with Emily and it was a brilliant session, super helpful and insightful!
Emily's personal feedback was also extremely useful.
London Business School
From what you learned, what do you plan to apply in your job? There are many creative ways to engage the learner; it is time to step away from the lectured powerpoint.
Emily was 100% amazing and her approach was so helpful and easy to understand and digest.
Leading Beauty Company

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