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Team Dynamics – MBTi

Whatever your position in business, one of your base strengths is your depth of self-awareness and awareness of how others operate. Designed and run by MBTi accredited coaches, the objectives of the sessions are to develop thinking skills and emotional intelligence, help with improving and changing culture, reduce stress through self-understanding and ultimately strengthen business relationships.

These lively and interactive sessions explore how you express yourself when communicating and making decisions.

At the end of each of our sessions, you will receive:

  • A personal report and guidance from your MBTi accredited coach
  • Insights into your strengths and potential areas for development
  • An MBTi app to help you gain maximum results when working with others



Topics covered in this course

What will you gain?

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Increased self awareness

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Understanding of your team dynamics

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Your strengths & growth areas

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Understand others’ preferences and how to adapt accordingly

Where this training will help you excel…

Team collaboration

Emotional intelligence

Maximising task efficiencies and outputs

Self knowledge to enable progression

Knowledge to play to people’s strengths

Improved relationships and reduced stress

Specialist Coaches

Emily Fairman

Emily Fairman

Emily started her career working with the Guardian News Group, writing and producing corporate films & audio programmes for clients.  

After re-training as a professional actress, she worked for many years in Regional Theatre and Television. She is also a successful voice over artist for Radio and Television. 

Emily is also an award-winning writer. She has written for the BBC Radio 4, as well as creating a six-part comedy television series, in which she also starred.

She is a specialist in business storytelling with a wide range of experience in presentation and impact training, acting, voice-over work and screenwriting.

Katy Lewis

Katy started out her career as a race instructor, a precision and stunt driver working at all UK major racetracks and driving centres. Here she learnt that clear communication and reading peoples body language was key, not just for fast laps, but for customers to enjoy a great experience.

From here, Katy moved into the corporate world as a coach, keynote speaker, trainer and facilitator. Working in the automotive industry as a sales capability specialist for many years.

Katy has over 20 years experience speaking in front of audiences, both large and small. Having a strong focus on training B2B and B2C, Katy is driven to help create self-awareness, leading to long-term change.

We had our session with Emily and it was a brilliant session, super helpful and insightful!
Emily's personal feedback was also extremely useful.
London Business School
From what you learned, what do you plan to apply in your job? There are many creative ways to engage the learner; it is time to step away from the lectured powerpoint.
Emily was 100% amazing and her approach was so helpful and easy to understand and digest.
Leading Beauty Company

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