Sales Pitch Management Courses

Sales Training & Importance of Body Language

Learn to successfully introduce yourself by providing credibility. Understand customer personality types and how best to adapt to their needs and react in the most positive way to allow for more effective communication and increased rapport.

We will cover qualification and needs analysis, a crucial stage to understand and successfully deliver in sales. Be guided on how to effectively question & listen in all interactions to allow the customer to feel heard and understood, and for the salesperson to gather all the information needed. We will lastly consider the importance of pitch and pace (for both the speaker and listener).

Discover how making every presentation personal to each customer gains confirmation and buy in from a sales point of view. Use our structuring technique to add clarity to your messages and enable you to make complex information more compelling. Practise with role play using customer profiles to create personalised presentations.




Each session builds on the previous, to allow your learning to progress.

Group Size

We have a 4:1 delegate to trainer ratio to ensure time for individual coaching.


A Face to Face course is 2 days.
Virtual Learning Journeys are
3 sessions over 3 weeks.

Topics covered in this course

What will you gain?

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Learn scientifically proven techniques to increase the impact of your communications, and engage your audience in your message. 

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Small group coaching to practice and familiarise yourself with the new techniques.

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Learn from coaching with your peers, as your specialist trainers work with each delegate to guide them through presentation scenarios.

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Create a personal development plan to ensure that you apply the new techniques that you have learned, giving you the best long-term results.

Where this training will help you excel…

Learn strategies to win more business, create stronger relationships with clients and get the results you deserve from important meetings

Learn to use our techniques to navigate negotiation breaking rapport and close the sale

Understand how to handle questions and objections in a way that builds relationships, rapport and respect for your products and your team

Identify sales follow up and next steps to maintain the customer relationship for customer satisfaction and future business

How is the training structured? 

This can be run as a face to face Course over two full days, with assignments set throughout. Personal coaching will be in groups of 4 people to 1 trainer. 

As a virtual Learning Journey, this is typically 3 sessions over 3 weeks. Group sizes are also 4 to 1. Each sessions builds on the learning of the previous one, with assignments set in-between.

We can combine the live training with our eLearning platform to continue your development and provide re-caps on the key techniques after the sessions. 


Does the training content differ?

For classroom and virtual delivery the content covered is exactly the same, however there is more personal coaching included during the 2 day classroom event.

Both the classroom and virtual events are high energy and interactive to ensure the everyone is engaged throughout. 


Equipment Needed?

There is no equipment needed for the classroom events. All delegates will be provided with a pen and workbook on the first morning which will be used during exercises and for note taking. 

For virtual delivery, delegates will need to download the relevant virtual platform in order to attend the event. An online PDF version of the workbook will be provided to use throughout. 



After my training with Body Talk my virtual presence and charisma was increased so much that I was offered jobs at two outstanding companies, who both commented on how well I presented myself online.
Top 10 UK Business School
Despite it being all online, I experienced great commitment form the Body Talk Team. Best online training so far!
Leading Supermarket Chain
I thought that the course was very good at instilling confidence into presentations. The atmosphere was very friendly and supportive which provided a "safe space" to practise different aspects of presenting, such as pace, style and voice modulation. It is not often that you can have these opportunities for dry runs. For me as and engineer and scientist I also really liked the logical lay out of course and the "science" behind it.
Financial Services Company

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