The Body Talk Podcast – How To Nail Your Next Interview or Salary Negotiation

Is 2023 the year you look to gain a promotion or find a new role? Perhaps you’ve been putting off that discussion about a salary increase. All of these situations require you to be at the top of your communication game because we all know interviews and salary negotiations can be a little uncomfortable and sometimes intimidating.

Someone who has a wealth of insight into these areas is Don Gatewood. Don has led several non-profit initiatives in Detroit and Washington DC over the last 23 years. He’s led large teams, program operations, strategic planning, accounting, communications, compliance regulations as well fundraising for several organizations including American Red Cross and Goodwill Industries. Don is also the co-founder and CEO of The Initiative Baltimore; a Professional Leadership Consultant, and the host of the podcast – Leadership and Professional Development.

In this episode of the Body Talk podcast, Don lends his expertise to how to nail your interview or salary negotiations, staying resilient through challenging times, and also his experience as a distinguished toastmaster.

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by Alina Jenkins
on 14th December 2022

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