Diversity in Leadership – hear from TEDx sensation Deepa Purushothaman

In this episode of LIFT, we discuss the incredible new book ‘The First, The Few, The Only’ and how supporting diversity in leadership creates a better future for all of us. 

Deepa Purushothaman was the first woman of colour to become a partner at Deloitte. She describes the challenges faced by many as they aim to succeed and how everyone can help create a greater corporate culture so that we all thrive together. This is not about ‘giving up your piece of the pie’, but making the pie bigger for all. 

Deepa’s recent TED talk has gained almost a million views in less than two months. Her breakthrough new book ’The First, The Few, The Only’ describes a better future, where we embrace diversity and inclusion, creating a better workplace for everyone. In this conversation, we discuss how to handle aggression at work, how to change the system and become the role model you wish you had.

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by Richard Newman
on 15th March 2022

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