The Body Talk Podcast – How To Approach Conflict Resolution In Business

Conflict resolution and the art of negotiation – situations which many of us avoid or even fear!

Yet conflict is a healthy part of communication, especially in business. It shows your staff and colleagues you care about their needs.

The ability to negotiate and resolve conflict can bring many positive changes

  • 1 – Stronger leadership
  • 2 – Better decision making
  • 3 – Building trust and rapport 
  • 4 – More meaningful conversations

So, what is conflict resolution, and what are some of the strategies we can adopt to be more effective at it?

Chris White and Martin Richards from Negotiation Global have spent most of their careers as hostage and crisis negotiators. Their work has taken them worldwide where they have seen first-hand the best and worst of human behaviour. 

Resolving these difficult and often dangerous situations takes a certain skill set, which we can also apply to conflict in business

In this episode of the Body Talk Podcast, Chris and Martin share some of their techniques for dealing with difficult conversations, hostile staff, and crises situations.

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by Alina Jenkins
on 2nd August 2021

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