The Body Talk Podcast – How To Avoid Imposter Syndrome And Increase Your Confidence

Have you ever felt you don’t have the right skills to be in the job you are? Or you feel inadequate compared to those around you? If so, it could be imposter syndrome at work.

A review article published in the International Journal of Behavioral Science suggests around 70% of people experience feelings of being a fraud at some stage in their life. From business leaders and teachers to famous actors and sports stars, this imposter phenomenon can affect anyone.

So, how do you deal with that little voice inside your head? How do you remove self-doubt and become more capable, confident, and visible?

In our latest podcast, Alina Jenkins talks to business psychologist, Fiona Kearns, about how you can silence your inner critic and what steps you can take to restore confidence in your ability.

Watch the video here or listen via Apple Podcasts.

by Alina Jenkins
on 9th March 2021

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